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Thirteenkcanddle Bhimseni Camphor Kapur for Puja Meditation

Thirteenkcanddle Bhimseni Camphor Kapur for Puja Meditation


  • In Hinduism, camphor is used while performing rituals and this tradition has been practiced in India for ages. According to Hindu scriptures, if one is having pitra dosh and dev dosh, or any of the two, then lightening camphor in one’s home is considered beneficial.
  • The flame emerged on lightening the Kapur is believed to be symbolic of Lord Shiva’s third eye.
  • It eradicates all the negative energies from the surroundings and creates a positive environment. Not only, it spreads positivity but it also kills the harmful bacteria present in the air.
  • Whatever it may be Electrical / Manual diffuser it suits all types and does not left any residue, and quickly spreads its excellent Camphor Fragrance in entire room avoids bad odour and generates Refreshing Atmosphere that lasts entire day
  • Weight 30 gms Packed in a Glass Bottle

Thirteenkcanddle brings you this soul-soothing pack of camphor flakes. To make this Kapur convenient to use, Thirteenkcanddle has packed it in tablet form which makes its burning process uniform and safe.


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