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ThirteenKcanddle Edible Natural Pacha Karpuram Karpooram

ThirteenKcanddle Edible Natural Pacha Karpuram Karpooram


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ThirteenKcanddle Edible Natural Pacha Karpuram Karpooram 50 GMS White Transparent

  • Pacha Karpuram 50 gms in Glass Jar Bottle with Cork Top
  • Any edible camphor which is derived from tree/plant/weeds is called Pacha Kapoor. Since Bhimseni kapoor is derived from tree named Cinnamomum Camphora or Kapoor tree it is also called Pacha i.e edible camphor. It is best for medicinal and religious purposes and Ayurvedic texts refer to this camphor
  • Non edible camphor or synthetic camphor is what we get nowadays. This camphor is derived from Turpentine and is in fact Camphene. It is water insoluble and should not be used for dietary or medicinal purpose. It can be cheaper substitute for edible camphor in Surma, Kajal or Vaporub hence amost all commercial topical products use synthetic camphor and of course it being rampantly used for religious purpose
  • According to the book ‘A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food’ by K.T. Acharya, with regards to food, camphor was used to flavour pickles in Karnataka and for curd-rice dish in Gujarat. Long ago, wealthy people used it as one of the ingredients for making betel quid (paan). Together with four other expensive spices, namely cardamom, clove, nutmeg and mace, it is known as pancha-sugandha. In fact, people chewed bhang along with aromatic spices that included camphor


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